Scott Stuckert

Scott Stuckert
usaUnited States
Second base, Third base, Shortstop
Past Teams
Bloomer Merchants, Bloomer Woodticks
Chippewa River Baseball League

Class of 2021

Infielder / Manager

Bloomer Merchants 1982-92; Bloomer Woodticks 1993-2016

Throughout his 35 seasons in the CRBL, Scott Stuckert approached the game of baseball with an observably high level of dedication, respect and enjoyment. His likable and personable nature often overshadowed the fact that “Stuck” was an awesome baseball player, definitively one of the best to ever take the diamond in CRBL history.

An incredibly productive and consistent performer, Stuckert’s career marks were attained through an annually elite level of play that was entirely remarkable. Within 1,534 at-bats over 505 CRBL games, the Bloomer great holds a .359 batting average, a .456 slugging percentage, an on base percentage of .477, and an OPS. of .933.

During 29 seasons (!), Scott hit over .300, eclipsing the .400 mark in nine of those campaigns, with a career best mark of.462 (24 for 52) in 1990. Additionally, Stuck had 20 or more hits in ten seasons (high of 30 in 1986), 10 or more RBI’s in 21 campaigns (high of 27 in 1986), walked 10 or more times in 19 seasons (high of 18 in 2002) and had 16 campaigns of 3 or more doubles (career high of 8 in 1991, leading the CRBL).

Beginning with his stellar 1990 season in which he was named All-CRBL at shortstop, Scott took over managerial duties from his dad and fellow CRBL Hall of Famer, Jim Stuckert. Initially running the Bloomer Merchants from 1990 to 1992, Stuck oversaw the team rebranding itself to the Fighting Woodticks moniker in 1993. Selflessly guiding the Bloomer squad for 27 seasons, Scott and the ‘Ticks qualified for seven WBA tournaments, with six of them occurring consecutively from 2000 to 2005. WBA tournament seven came in 2007, when the Woodticks made it to the Final 8 for only the third time in franchise history, joining the Bloomer Pines of 1958 and the Bloomer Merchants of 1987.

In total, Stuck managed an astounding 486 CRBL games. Historically, Scott’s all-time managerial rankings are found in games managed (1st), wins (3rd) and WBA appearances (tied for 9th).

Stuckert’s individual excellence and dedication is highlighted by his league record 20 appearances in CRBL All-Star games, with (yet another) CRBL record 14 in a row from 1989 to 2002. In the 1993 contest, Stuck was named the All-Star game MVP when he hit a walk-off solo homerun in the bottom of the 10th inning giving the North Division an 8-7 win over the South Division at Augusta.

A tough defender with sure hands and an accurate arm, the utility infielder was named All-CRBL in three seasons (1986-shortstop, 1987-utility, 1991-shortstop). Moreover, Scott was recognized in five seasons as an Honorable Mention choice (1989-shortstop, 1990-shortstop, 1992-shortstop, 1993-shortstop, 2006-2nd base).

As a right-handed hitter, Scott deployed a short, quick and level swing from a compact and slightly crouched stance to amass a treasure trove of all-time rankings. Upon induction, the Woodtick and CRBL legend is ranked 1st in RBI’s, 2nd in hits, 2nd in games played, 2nd in singles, tied for 2nd in seasons played, 3rd in at-bats, 3rd in walks, tied for 4th in doubles, 5th in total bases, 7th in runs scored, 10th in on base percentage, and 20th in batting average.