Bloomer Woodticks

The 2020 Bloomer Fightin’ Woodticks are looking to build off the foundation of a successful year. In 2019, the Ticks went 12-10 and made the WBA playoffs for the first time since 2007. They retirn a vetran core of Ticks while adding some youthful talent ready to play! Come out to Stuckert Field and support the Fightin” Woodticks. We would also like to thank our old and new sponsors who have contributed to the Woodticks. These local businesses are the reason that we play year in and year out, thanks for the generosity.

ROSTER: Curtis Dachel, Erik Abrahamson, Brett Stuckert, Corey Poirier, Brent Sarauer, Tanner Linsmeyer, Jake Malinoiwski, Matt Schley, Nick Prill, Chris Korger, Zach Ruf, Sean Hurt, Leif Iverson, Cole Schwab, Jack Strand, Carter Rubenzer, Tyler Landsworth, Tyler Mickelson

MANAGER: Noah Lane

Stuckert Baseball Field – Bloomer, WI