Position: Coach

Fred Zech

Class of 2024

OutfielderLafayette Lakers 1968-69, 72-78, 83-94; Lafayette Indians 1970              

Player/Manager – Lafyette Lakers 1983-93                        


The CRBL, like every amateur baseball organization, relies heavily on individuals who are willing to devout their time and efforts to keep its history and traditions alive and well.  Player and manager Fred Zech of the Lafayette Lakers was one of those dedicated people. 

During a CRBL career that spanned 25 years, Fred was synonymous with the Lakers of Lafayette, first as a player, then as a player/manager. When he began his CRBL playing days with the Lakers in 1968, Zech primarily was in the outfield.  Enjoying his best season in 1972, Fred hit .367 (22 for 60), tied for the league lead in home runs with 3, and led outright in RBIs with 17, while participating in that year’s CRBL All-Star game.  Over his career, the right-handed hitter notched three different seasons hitting over .300, with his personal high occurring in his standout 1972 campaign.

In total, as a player, Zech was a part of five WBA qualifiers (1975, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982), and three WBA Finals teams (1980, 1981, 1982).  Yet, it was as a player/manager that Fred had his biggest impact.  Often coaching third base while wearing a colorful wig, the Lafayette Skipper led the free-spirited and aggressively running Lakers for 11 seasons (1983 to 1993).  Under his leadership, the Lafayette Crew qualified for the WBA in 1992, losing in the regional final game, 14-8 at Augusta to the host Augusta Athletics.  In that contest, the skipper rapped a solo homerun to help the Lakers stay in the game against the heavy-hitting Athletics.

Upon induction, Zech’s all-time player rankings can be found in seasons played (tied for 23rd) and games played (47th).  Managerially, he is ranked all-time in seasons managed (tied for 11th) and games managed (12th).


Managerial Record:              G         W          L           Pct.       Div Titles       League CS           CSGApp

      184       48        136         .261              0                       0                          0       


(WBA)             App     G   W L Pct. Final 8’s        WBA CS

                                            1              2         1         1          .500             0                    0

Keith Pitsch

Class of 2024

OutfielderJim Falls Sturgeons 1967-2016
Player/Manager – Jim Falls Sturgeons 1980-84, 99-2001
League Officer – 1997 through Induction                         


As a player, manager, and league officer, Keith Pitsch’s impact and legacy in the CRBL will forever be felt and appreciated.  Through his lasting dedication to the league, his ever-present sharp wit, as well as his fierce loyalty to the Jim Falls Sturgeons, Keith is truly one of the most recognizable, likable, and memorable people the CRBL will ever have.

  During a playing career that lasted an astounding 50 (!!!) seasons, Pitsch established himself as an incredibly consistent and reliable player for the Big Fish of Jim Falls.  Keith’s remarkable longevity shaped an unparallel playing existence, one in which he hit over .300 in 12 seasons, with a high of .370 in 1985.  His one CRBL home run was memorable, as it came in the form of a grand slam against the Chippewa Falls Lumberjacks on June 19th, 1988, in a Sturgeons’14-8 victory vs. the Lumberjacks at Cardinal Field. 

His commitment to the Sturgeons was further evident in that he had two separate stints as Jim Falls’ manager: 1980 to 1984 and again from 1999 to 2001.  In total, Pitsch managed 144 games for the Sturgeons over those eight seasons, leading his Jim Falls brethren to a WBA appearance in 1983.  

To the great benefit of the CRBL, Keith has fulfilled the role of Vice-President of the league from 2002 through his induction, handling the difficult and thankless task of creating the yearly game schedule, doing so with patience, care, and empathy.

Pitsch’s universally famous sense of humor was aptly illustrated in an interview regarding his lengthy playing career, published in the Chippewa-Herald on August 10th, 1996.  When asked about his current playing abilities, Keith stated, “I’d say I lost a step, but I’d be underestimating myself.  I think I’ve lost at least eight or nine.”  

A participant in six CRBL All-Star games (1972, 1984, 1985, 1989, 1992, 1998), Pitsch was named Honorable Mention CRBL in 1992 as an outfielder and in 2008 as a player/coach.  In 2014, he became the first person in CRBL history to cross the 500 games played milestone, and in 2016 he secured his spot as the first player to ever play 50 seasons in the CRBL.

Upon induction, the Legendary Sturgeon’s all time rankings can be found in seasons played (1st), games played (2nd), at-bats (tied for 5th), singles (8th), walks (9th), hits (13th), runs scored (14th), triples (tied for 16th), total bases (26th), doubles (tied for 27th), RBIs (27th), and stolen bases (tied for 47th).   



Managerial Record:              G         W          L           Pct.       Div Titles       League CS           CSGApp

      144       40        104         .278              0                       0                          0       


(WBA)             App     G   W L Pct. Final 8’s        WBA CS

                                            1              1          0        1          .000             0                    0

Justin Boiteau

Class of 2024

1st Baseman, OutfielderJim Falls Sturgeons 1997-2014, 18
Player/Manager – Jim Falls Sturgeons 2007-12


A left-handed batter with a strong and fluid swing, Justin Boiteau played his entire 19-season career in Jim Falls, using his hitting prowess to become one of the best Sturgeon players in CRBL history.

A stout defender, the left-handed throwing Boiteau was a difference maker when either roaming the outfield or securing 1st base for the Big Fish.  At the plate, Justin was incredibly consistent, posting eight seasons in which he had 20 or more hits, with a high of 27 in 2007.  Moreover, he had 13 seasons in which he had a batting average of .300 or better.  Within those campaigns, from 2001 through 2011, he had an 11-season run of hitting .300 or higher, with his career high of .424 (25 for 59) occurring in 2011.

Beyond his shining play on the diamond, Boiteau admirably guided the Sturgeons for six seasons (2007 to 2012) as a player/manager, providing dedicated leadership and stability to the Jim Falls’ franchise.

A participant in 10 CRBL All-Star games (1999, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), the smooth-swinging lefty was named Honorable Mention All-CRBL as an outfielder in 2007, in addition to being named All-CRBL at 1st base in four seasons (2003, 2008, 2009, 2011).  

Upon induction, Boiteau is ranked 18th all-time in doubles, 31st in hits, 33rd in batting average, 34th in singles, 34th in games played, 39th in at-bats, and 39th in total bases.    

Jim Hall

Class of 2023

Outfielder, Player/Manager

Lafayette Indians 1963-65, 69-79; Bloomer Merchants 1980; Chippewa Falls Lumberjacks 1985-86, 92
Player/Manager: Lafayette Indians 1969-72

  • A strong-armed and stout defender in the outfield.
  • Led the Lafayette Indians to two WBA appearances during his four seasons as player/manager.
  • Led the CRBL in home runs twice with 4 long balls in 1969 and 1970.
  • Led the CRBL in walks twice.
  • Hit over. 300 four times during his 18-season career.
  • Served our country in the military from 1966 to 1968.

Managerial Record:

G W L Pct. Div Titles League CS CSG App

68 41 27 .603 0 0 0


App G W L Pct. Final 8’s WBA CS

2 3 1 2 .333 0 0

Chuck Hall

Class of 2023

Infielder, Player/Manager

Lafayette Indians 1979-81; Cooks Valley Hayshakers 1982; Chippewa Falls Lumberjacks 1983-2007, 2010-16
Player/Manager: Chippewa Falls Lumberjacks 1990-2005

  • Played 28 seasons in the CRBL.
  • One of the most dedicated and durable players in CRBL history.
  • Hit better than .300 in 15 seasons and over .400 in three seasons.
  • In 2014, became only the second player in CRBL history to have over 500 hits.
  • Upon induction, Hall is the all-time leader in runs scored with 448.
  • His other all-time batting rankings include being 2nd in walks, 2nd in at-bats, 3rd in singles, 3rd in hits, 4th all-time in games played, 5th in RBIs, 6th in total bases, and (tied) for 7th in doubles.
  • As player/manager, Chuck led the Chippewa Falls Lumberjacks to three Northern Division titles, two CRBL crowns, and 12 WBA appearances.
  • Managerially, he is ranked 6th all-time in wins, 4th in games managed, and 4th all-time in WBA appearances.

Managerial Record:

G W L Pct. Div Titles League CS CSGApp

272 163 109 .599 3 2 3


App G W L Pct. Final 8’s WBA CS

12 13 1 12 .077 0 0

Todd Bresina

Class of 2020

2nd Base, Pitcher, Manager

Tilden Tigers 1989-2014
MGR: 2004-11

Todd Bresina’s 26 seasons of competition in the CRBL were shaped as a sure-handed 2nd baseman and steady contact hitter, as well as manager of Tilden’s veteran teams of the late 2000s. More than any other attribute, however, “Breeze” will be remembered as one of the elite pitchers of his era, dominating opponents with pinpoint control and his signature, wipe out slider.

A valuable contributor in Tilden’s deep and accomplished line-up, the right-handed swinging Bresina sported a .300+ batting average in nine of his 24 full-time CRBL seasons on his way to rapping 348 career hits.

In adeptly manning the keystone position, Breeze teamed with fellow CRBL Hall of Famer Mitch Steinmetz for 24 seasons to form the longest running, most accomplished double play combo within the prism of CRBL history.

From the mound, Todd was a highly respected closer and spot starter for the Tilden dynasty. With a smothering arsenal of velocity, command and a jackknife slider, Breeze locked down game after game in becoming the CRBL’s all-time leader in saves with 27. Leading or tying for the CRBL lead in saves a record eight seasons (1993, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2002, 2007, 2010, 2012), Bresina diversely won 4 or more games seven times, with a high of 6 wins twice (2003 and 2004). The righty’s pitching superiority also enabled him to tie or lead the CRBL in shutouts three times (2000, 2003, 2004) and claim the ERA crown twice (1998 and 2008). His league leading mark of 0.58 (2 ER/30.2 IP) in 1998 is even more impressive when framed within that era’s fabric of “-5” aluminum bats wielded in many a cozy, hitter friendly parks.

Dutifully taking the reigns as manager of the Tilden Tigers in 2004, Todd led the Bengal crew through 2011. During those eight seasons, Bresina guided his veteran squad to five North Division titles (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011), two CRBL championships (2007, 2011), eight straight WBA appearances, three Final 8’s (2004, 2005, 2008), and a WBA crown in 2004. In winning the WBA tourney in 2004, it marked the storied franchise’s 2nd WBA title, with the first coming in 1995.

Recognition and awards were plentiful for Breeze throughout his stellar career. A participant in four All-Star games (1989, 1991, 2004, 2009), he was named Honorable Mention All-CRBL at 2nd base in 2012 and bestowed All-CRBL accolades in seven seasons: 1991 (2B), 1998 (P), 2003 (P), 2004 (P), 2005 (P), 2006 (P), and 2010 (utility). At the WBA level, Todd was named Most Valuable Pitcher of the Final 8 in 2002 after being drafted by the Augusta Athletics.

Upon induction, Bresina’s all-time rankings can be found across numerous categories. Offensively, Todd is (tied for) 9th in at-bats, 11th in singles, 12th in games played, (tied for) 19th in runs scored, 21st in hits, 23rd in walks, 31st in total bases, (tied for) 37th in RBI’s, (tied for) 42nd in doubles, and (tied for) 42nd in stolen bases.

Managerially, his tour as Tilden skipper finds him ranked all-time in division titles (tied for 3rd), Final 8 appearances (tied for 5th), WBA wins (6th), winning percentage (6th), WBA appearances (8th), CRBL titles (tied for 8th), and wins (tied for 12th). Moreover, Todd is one of only eight CRBL managers to win a WBA title.

Accordingly, the memorable righty’s excellence from the mound is illuminated in his lofty, all-time rankings. Categorially, Breeze ranks 1st in saves 7th in shutouts, 12th in wins, 17th in strikeouts, 19th in innings pitched, 20th in ERA, 22nd in decisions, 24th in winning percentage, and 44th in strikeouts per innings pitched.

George Farmer

Class of 2018

Eau Claire Twin City Sports 1961-70
Eau Claire Classic Baseball League 1961-65
Chippewa Valley League 1966-68; Pierce-Pepin County Baseball League 1969-70

As manager of the Eau Claire Twin City Sports, George Farmer directed one of the most successful organizations and teams in the rich history of the CRBL. In doing so, he created an admirable legacy of being a selfless promoter, tireless organizer and proud advocate for amateur baseball in northwest Wisconsin.

One of the driving forces behind the creation of the Eau Claire Classic Baseball League (1960-65), Farmer began his time with the Twin City Sports in 1960 as their business manager. In 1961, George took on the demanding dual role of business manager as well as field skipper, essentially running the entire Twin City Sports’ operation on his own. It is a role he would flourish in until his last year with the club in 1970.

During his 10 seasons at the helm of the Sports’ crew, Farmer compiled a resounding and enviable record of achievement and service across three amateur baseball leagues. In league battles, George’s Twin City Sports won two Eau Claire Classic Baseball League championships (1964 and 1965), lost in an ECCBL championship game (1961), claimed one Pierce-Pepin County League crown (1969) and went 21 and 12 in three seasons of play (1966, 1967, 1968) in the Chippewa Valley League, the forerunner to the current day Chippewa River Baseball league.

Within the unforgiving WBA tournament, the Sports enjoyed an incredible amount of success, playing in the WBA during each of Farmer’s ten seasons as manager (1961-70). During those appearances, Twin City survived to play in five Final 8’s (1962, 1963, 1964, 1968, 1970), made it to three WBA championship games (1963, 1964, 1970) and one WBA championship series (1968). In 1964, Farmer’s squad captured their lone WBA title when they beat the Pepin Lakers 9-3 in the title game at Milltown.

While leading Eau Claire through this exemplary run of success, George secured three WBA Finals to be hosted at Eau Claire’s Carson Park (1967, 1968, 1970) as well as three WBA regionals (1967, 1968, 1970). In the process, he accomplished the demanding and unique feat of hosting both a WBA regional and final in the same season, doing so at Carson Park in 1970.

From a historical perspective, Mr. Farmer should be remembered with appreciation for being a strong, unabashed and persistent advocate for the immeasurable benefits and qualities that amateur baseball can provide to its participants and supporting communities.

Plainly stated, George’s achievements on and off the field as a manager, organizer and promoter have been – and will be – matched by very few throughout the CRBL’s long and winding existence. With his induction, George Farmer rightly takes his place as one of the Chippewa River Baseball League’s all-time greats.

Managerial Record: G W L Pct. Division Titles League CS

Combined ECCBL, 140 95 45 .679 1 3


(WBA) App G W L Pct. Final 8’s WBA CS

Combined ECCBL, 10 29 18 11 .621 5 1


Art Zwiefelhofer

Class of 2019

Player: Howard Braves 1961-64; Tilden Tigers 1965-83

Player/Manager: Tilden Tigers 1980, 82-83

CRBL Umpire: 1984-2018

Recalled as an accomplished player and well known as a highly respected umpire, few people have done more for the betterment and stability of the Chippewa River Baseball League than one Art Zwiefelhofer.

Breaking in to the Chippewa Valley League in 1961, Art became known as a slick fielding and ultra-competitive shortstop for the Howard Braves. In 1965, Zwiefelhofer joined the Tigers of Tilden, where he became synonymous with the Tigers’ hard driving, winning style of baseball built on clutch hitting, outstanding pitching, and consistent defensive play.

In his 19 seasons in Tilden, Art was part of 9 division titles, 9 league championships, 14 WBA tournaments, and 5 WBA Final 8’s. A consistent and dedicated player, Zwiefelhofer led or tied for the league lead in walks four times (1973, 1974, 1980, 1981), with a career high of 23 in 1981. His other league pacing total came in runs scored (18 in 1970) and home runs (tied for the lead with 3 in 1976).

Toeing the rubber early in his playing career, the righty notched 46.1 innings for Howard in 1963. For the Tigers, he had 3 saves in 1968, a year after leading the league in saves with 1 in 1967.

Art also dutifully managed Tilden for three seasons (1980, 1982-83), winning two North Division titles and gaining entry to two WBA tournaments.

From his 23 seasons of league play, Art is ranked all-time in stolen bases (7th), walks (9th), at-bats (14th), seasons played (16th), runs scored (tied for 17th), games played (19th), singles (tied for 22nd), hits (28th), RBI’s (tied for 29th), total bases (33rd), and home runs (tied for 43rd). From his days as a pitcher, he is still ranked in saves (tied for 38th).

Beyond his enduring and successful playing career, Art is best known for his time as an umpire in the CRBL and the WBA. Sincere, knowledgeable, relatable and fair, Zwiefelhofer umpired over 800 CRBL and WBA games from 1984 to 2018, a span of 35 years. Exhibiting a unique “player’s perspective” as an umpire, Art was instrumental in formulating the CRBL Umpire Association in 1993, adding much needed stability and structure to the assignment and oversight of umpires across the league. Naturally, Art became the Head Umpire within the Association, a position he still proudly holds in to his Hall of Fame induction.

The Chippewa River Baseball League owes an immense debt of gratitude and thanks to Mr. Art Zwiefelhofer. It is with heartfelt respect that we proudly recognize him as one of the largest and most influential people the CRBL will ever know. Thank you Art!

George Jackson

Class of 2019

Pitcher, Outfield & Manager

Player: Lafeyette 1946; Rainbow Gardens Gardeners 1947, 53-54; Cadott Lions 1950-52, 56; Cadott Red Sox 1960, 67-68

Manager: Cadott Lions 1956; Cadott Red Sox 1957-60, 62-64, 68-70, 79

A baseball lifer and longtime supporter of baseball in the Cadott area, George Jackson’s league career stretched across 33 years, four different teams, and the roles of both player and manager.

Getting his start for Rainbow Gardens in 1946, George was the featured thrower for the Gardeners in the first two years of post-World War II baseball in the Chippewa Valley. His career year came in 1947 when he led the then “Chippewa Valley League” with the healthy totals of 109.1 innings pitched and 104 strikeouts while going 9 and 3 from the mound with a 3.29 ERA for the 10 and 4 Gardeners.

After a three-year hiatus, George returned to C.V.L. play in 1950 for the 1st year Cadott Lions, settling in to a role as a consistent hitter and reliable innings eater from the mound. Over a broadly spaced, 11-year league playing career, Jackson gathered 112 hits while logging 308.1 innings, averaging 8.09 K’s per nine innings pitched with a career record of 19 wins and 14 losses.

Beyond his time as a player, Jackson’s greater impact came as both a manager of Cadott teams and ardent supporter of baseball in the Cadott area. Managing a total of twelve seasons over 23 years, George’s first campaign as skipper came in 1956 with the Cadott Lions.

In 1957, Jackson managed and helped organize the inaugural year of play for the Cadott Red Sox. Going 15 and 3, the first year Sox captured the Chippewa Valley League championship and qualified for the WBA.

In 1958, George led Cadott to a perfect 10 and 0 season, a South Division title (there was no league championship that year), and a spot in the WBA. As of 2019, the 1958 Sox are still one of only seven teams in CRBL history to finish a league season undefeated.

Fast forward to 1962, Mr. Jackson’s Red Sox captured another South Division crown and survived to play in the franchise’s first WBA Final 8, where the Sox lost their second game in the Finals to Brill at Cushing.

After guiding Cadott to their fourth WBA appearance in 1970, George had seemingly completed his managerial duties. After an eight year absence, he returned in 1979 for one more season at the helm. Leading the Red Sox to one of their finest seasons ever, the South Division winning Sox went 16 and 1 before losing 8-5 to Tilden in the CRBL championship bout and going 1 and 1 in the WBA tournament.

In total, Mr. Jackson’s twelve seasons at the controls yielded three South Division titles, one league championship, five WBA appearances, and one spot in the WBA’s Final 8.

Upon induction in to the Chippewa River Baseball League Hall of Fame, George Jackson’s all-time managerial ranks can be found in division titles (tied for 8th), wins (tied for 12th), games managed (14th), winning percentage (14th), and WBA appearances (tied for 14th).

Rocky Thompson

Class of 2017


Osseo Merchants 2001-2006

Board Member & Organizer

1999 through induction

Since their inaugural season of CRBL competition in 1999, the Osseo Merchants have admirably developed in to one of the elite amateur baseball organizations in the state of Wisconsin.  In figuratively and literally laying the groundwork for the Merchants’ existence, Rocky Thompson has remained one of the most dedicated, supportive, and influential members of Osseo’s enthusiastic baseball culture.

Thompson’s most visible role for the Merchants occurred from 2001 to 2006 when he selflessly fulfilled the role of team manager.  Over Rocky’s seven season tenure, Osseo’s CRBL squad qualified for the WBA tournament in four seasons – 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2005.  Fueled by a crew of veteran ballplayers, Thompson’s Merchants attained the franchise’s first Final 8 appearance in 2002, losing their opening Finals game 12-10 to the Oulu Blue Jays at Augusta.

Returning the next year to the Final 8, the Merchants met a similar fate, this time in Abbotsford but once again to Oulu, as they were beaten 11-1 by those same Blue Jays.  In returning to the WBA’s Final 8 in 2003, the Osseo Merchants and Rocky became only the sixth team in CRBL history to make consecutive Final 8 appearances.

After stepping away from the managerial reigns in 2006 – a season in which he was given a CRBL Honorable Mention award as a coach — Mr. Thompson remained a vital part of the Merchants and the Osseo baseball community.  Lauded for everything from his book keeping to his willingness to work in the concession stand, Rocky truly has been a man willing to lend his skills and knowledge to the betterment of baseball in Osseo as well as in the CRBL.  An affable gentlemen, the Chippewa River Baseball League appreciatively recognizes Rocky Thompson as a deserved member of its elite Hall of Fame.