Month: June 2023

Mid Season CRBL Stat League Leaders

Here is a list of the mid-season stat league leaders. Teams have played different amounts of games varying from 9 to 14 games at the time these stats were submitted.


PJ Lequia (Tilden Tigers) – 5

Luke Eide (Osseo Merchants) – 5

Alex Byom (Osseo Merchants) – 4

Tyler Gray (Eau Claire Rivermen) – 4

Zack Thiesse (Cadott Red Sox) – 3

ERA (min 18 inn pitched)

PJ Lequia (Tilden Tigers) – 0.80

Alex Byom (Osseo Merchants) – 0.96

Luke Eide (Osseo Merchants) – 1.03

Quintin Gonzalez (Eau Claire Bears) – 2.08

Henry Wilkinson (Cadott Red Sox) – 2.50

Tyler Gray (Eau Claire Rivermen) – 2.79


Tyler Gray (Eau Claire Rivermen) – 42

Zack Thiesse (Cadott Red Sox) – 36

PJ Lequia (Tilden Tigers) – 35

Luke Eide (Osseo Merchants) – 35

Curtis Dachel (Bloomer Woodticks) – 34.2

JJ Breaker (Augusta Athletics) – 29

Wes Boyarski (Beef River Bullfrogs) – 28.1

Alex Byom (Osseo Merchants) – 28

Quintin Gonzalez (Eau Claire Bears) – 26


Luke Eide (Osseo Merchants) – 42

Alex Byom (Osseo Merchants) – 41

PJ Lequia (Tilden Tigers) – 33

Quintin Gonzalez (Eau Claire Bears) – 33

Tyler Gray (Eau Claire Rivermen) – 31

Andrew Milner (Eau Claire Cavaliers) – 27

Henry Wilkinson (Cadott Red Sox) – 25

Curtis Dachel (Bloomer Woodticks) – 25

AVG. (min 24 PA)

Bobby Soran (Jim Falls Sturgeons) – .513

Jaxon Kostka (Osseo Merchants) – .484

Cole Zwiefelhofer (Tilden Tigers) – .481

Ryan Freitag (Osseo Merchants) – .475

Tristan Hable (Jim Falls Sturgeons) – .469

Tanner Halvorson (Tilden Tigers) – .464

Gabe O’Brien (Eau Claire Cavaliers) – .454

Will Thibideau (Beef River Bullfrogs) – .452

Connor Hicks (Bloomer Woodticks) – .444

Blake Johnson (Eau Claire Bears) – .440


Caden Erickson (Eau Claire Cavaliers) – 7

Ryan Freitag (Osseo Merchants) – 6

Bobby Soran (Jim Falls Sturgeons) – 5

Jakob Rosemeyer (Augusta Athletics) – 5

Tanner Halvorson (Tilden Tigers) – 5

Nolan Baier (Tilden Tigers) – 5


Ryan Freitag (Osseo Merchants) – 5

Gabe Richardson (Osseo Merchants) – 3

AJ Schemenauer (Jim Falls Sturgeons) – 2

Bobby Soran (Jim Falls Sturgeons) – 2

Todd Lasher (Eau Claire Bears) – 2

Jaxon Kostka (Osseo Merchants) – 2


Lance Lettner (Eau Claire Rivermen) – 8

Chad Kron (Cadott Red Sox) – 7

Nate Kent (Eau Claire Bears) – 6

Ben Steinmetz (Tilden Tigers) – 5


Tanner Halvorson (Tilden Tigers) – 19

Gabe Richardson (Osseo Merchants) – 16

Jaxon Kostka (Osseo Merchants) – 16

Nolan Baier (Tilden Tigers) – 15

Ryan Freitag (Osseo Merchants) – 14


Ryan Freitag (Osseo Merchants) – 18

Lucas Steinmetz (Tilden Tigers) – 15

Tristan Hable (Jim Falls Sturgeons) – 14

Ben Steinmetz (Tilden Tigers) – 13

Tanner Halvorson (Tilden Tigers) – 13

Todd Weinkes (Osseo Merchants) – 13

League Managers Select CRBL All-Stars

The managers of the Chippewa River Baseball League (CRBL) have selected the 2023 All-Stars. The CRBL All-Star game will be hosted by the Chippewa Falls LumberJacks on June 30th at Casper Park with a 7:00 pm start time. The Hall of Fame class of 2023 will be inducted throughout the game.

North All-Stars

CJonah HansonCadott Red Sox
1BConnor HicksBloomer Woodticks
2BMatt MartineauChippewa Falls LumberJacks
3BNolan BaierTilden Tigers
SSNolan HutzlerChippewa Falls LumberJacks
OFTristan HableJim Falls Sturgeons
OFTanner HalvorsonTilden Tigers
OFBen SteinmetzTilden Tigers
DHCole ZwiefelhaferTilden Tigers
EHAJ SchemenauerJim Falls Sturgeons
PPJ LequiaTilden Tigers
PZack ThiesseCadott Red Sox
PDylan WatersChippewa Falls LumberJacks
PCurtis DachelBloomer Woodticks
PBrendan MarriganJim Falls Sturgeons
PChristain HallTilden Tigers
PBrady ChristainsonTilden Tigers
PDawson RiceChippewa Falls LumberJacks
CCaleb GardowChippewa Falls LumberJacks
3BZach MerrittCadott Red Sox
OFDawson MathwigChippewa Falls LumberJacks
OFCole BakkumCadott Red Sox
SSChad KronCadott Red Sox
OFJay RyderBloomer Woodticks
UTJake EslingerJim Falls Sturgeons
UTMitch HowardJim Falls Sturgeons
DHBob MauerJim Falls Sturgeons
OFTrevor FranzChippewa Falls LumberJacks
OFLucas SteinmetzTilden Tigers
PJustin IgnarskiTilden Tigers
The North will be managed by Ryan Baier (Tilden Tigers) * Rosters subject to change

South All-Stars

CJoe HallingEau Claire Bears
1BBlake JohnsonEau Claire Bears
2BNate KentEau Claire Bears
3BGabe RichardsonOsseo Merchants
SSWill ThibodeauBeef River Bullfrogs
OFLance LettnerEau Claire Rivermen
OFGabe O’BrienEau Claire Cavaliers
OFJason KostkaOsseo Merchants
DHTodd LasherEau Claire Bears
EHRyan FreitagOsseo Merchants
OFJames DavisEau Claire Rivermen
PQuintin GonzalezEau Claire Bears
PLuke EideOsseo Merchants
PAlex ByomOsseo Merchants
PJJ BreakerAugusta Athletics
PLucas CostleyEau Claire Cavaliers
PEthan BartelsBeef River Bullfrogs
PChevy TollefsonEau Claire Bears
CTodd WienkesOsseo Merchants
CRyan StunkelAugusta Athletics
1BCooper KapankeEau Claire Cavaliers
2BCaden EricksonEau Claire Cavaliers
2BTaylor RathkeBeef River Bullfrogs
SSJesse BrockmanOsseo Merchants
OFTyler OestrichEau Claire Bears
OFXavier BembnisterEau Claire Cavaliers
OFLogan BrownAugusta Athletics
The South will be co-managed by Aaron Hagberg and Luke Anderson (Osseo Merchants) * Rosters subject to change

Hall of Fame Inductees Order

  • 2nd inning – Wally Beranek
  • 3rd inning – Reggie Franz
  • 4th inning – Chuck Hall & Jim Hall
  • 5th inning – Jim Spaeth
  • 6th inning – Bubba Stolt
  • 7th inning – Gene Vavra

  • 66th All-Star game in CRBL History
  • The South leads the series 33 to 16
  • The South won the last meeting 4-3 on July 1st at Carson Park