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Interview with President Rick Danielson

Question: How long have you been associated with the CRBL?

Answer: I have played in the CRBL for 17 seasons for 3 different teams. (Stanley Loggers, Jim Falls Sturgeons, and Cadott Red Sox)

Question: What made you want to become the CRBL President?

Answer: When I started going to league meetings as the manager of the Red Sox I realized I kind enjoyed seeing how the CRBL works. When the position opened up after the 2019 season I figured maybe I could help out since I’ve been around the league for a while.  I enjoy working with the other managers and board members trying to make the league run smoothly.

Question: With your Cadott background, how much about the Cadott Red Sox’s history did you understand or grow up with?

Answer: The Red Sox left Cadott in 1995. I was only 10 years old at that point so I really did not know much about CRBL baseball until I came in the league with the Loggers in 2003. It wasn’t until after we restarted the Red Sox in 2011 that I learned how much the team meant to Cadott. Red Sox fans still talk about the great teams they had in the 70s and 80s.

Question: Have you had family members play or manage in the CRBL?

Answer: My grandpa and a couple of his brothers played CRBL ball back in the late 40s and 50s. My cousin Mike was with the Loggers back when I started playing in 2003. He has also played with us in Cadott the last 6 years as well.

Question: What are some of your fondness memories of playing or coaching in the league?

Answer: Overall it’s just a great time meeting new people throughout the league and making new friendships. Whether its teammates, guys your playing against, or the fans that come watch your games. Enjoying a day at the ballpark is just an all around good thing. 

Question: What are the biggest changes you seen over your tenure as a player, coach and now president of the league?

Answer: The league has always had some outstanding players. If you page through the record book you see just how many great players we have had over 100 plus years. That being said I truly believe the all around talent level of CRBL players and teams is at an all time high. This is great for the league.

Question:How do you see the CRBL functioning in the future? More teams? Less teams? Rule changes? Etc.?

Answer: Over the last couple of seasons we have went from 12 teams down to 10 teams. Ideally we are able to add a team or two in the future.  Like I said before there is so much talent in the area we definitely have enough talent for a couple more teams.  I think it’s important that we continue to try to get younger kids involved. We need them to keep this league going strong. Overall I think the CRBL is in good shape.