CRBL Spring Showcase Tournament Team

The first annual CRBL Spring Showcase, hosted by the Chippewa Falls Lumberjacks, was cut short to just one day due to weather. However, four teams were able to play a round robin tournament with Chippewa Falls defeating the Jim Falls Sturgeons 5-0 in the Championship game.

Player Team
Kyle MaugBeef River Bullfrogs
Storm StandifordBeef River Bullfrogs
Austin BakerBeef River Bullfrogs
Austin SykoraJim Falls Sturgeons
AJ SchemenauerJim Falls Sturgeons
Ryan KrumenauerJim Falls Sturgeons
Cole SchwabBloomer Woodticks
Matt MartineauChippewa Falls LumberJacks
Nate HayesChippewa Falls LumberJacks
Cole BoweChippewa Falls LumberJacks
Nolan HutzlerChippewa Falls LumberJacks

Tournament Most Valuable Player
Blake Trippler – Chippewa Falls LumberJacks
Tournament Most Valuable Pitcher
Dylan Waters – Chippewa Falls LumberJacks